Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Swine Flu Song - Stephan Zielinski

Spare time Musician, Stephan Zielinski (41), was inspired by the raging Swine Flue virus and decided to write a Swine Flu Song. I've heard a few of the songs out there already, but Zielinski is the only one with an interesting approach to the song composing. Before you listen to the song, it's better to understand how he made the song.

Zielinzki wrote his song by taking various properties of the Swine Flu Protein, and assigned them to different musical notes. Then he took the parts that make up the protein (amino acids) and assigned them to various instruments. Once his mapping was complete... he had composed a song. It's a very unique approach.

Now that you understand how he made the song, you can give it a listen ( The song makes a horrible virus sound peaceful.

Stephan Zielinzki is based out of San Francisco, California. When Stephan isn't writing songs about the Swine Flu, he is a computer programmer among other things.